Who we are
HEARING FOUNDATION OF INDIA ( HFI ) is an unit of BHARAT EDUCATIONAL & SOCIAL CHARITABLE TRUST ( BEST ). The Trust has been started by a family of Audiologists ( Hearing Care Professionals ) to create awareness on the importance of Hearing and issues related to Hearing Loss. HFI also engages to provide current professional information to the professionals. It operates on our theme ‘ SAVING HEARING THROUGH EDUCATION AND RESEARCH ‘.
The Managing Trustee of the Trust is Prof. N.D.Rajan, a senior Audiologist and popular among the professional group in India. He has many awards conferred on him. To mention few, he has been conferred with ‘Sevai Chemmal’ ( person of flawless service ) by International Lions Club, Puducherry for his services to the hearing impaired people in the state of Puducherry, India.
Recently has been conferred with Prof. OZA ORATION AWARD for the best Entrepreneurship for the year 2014 by Indian Speech and Hearing Association, an Apex body of Audiologists and Speech Therapists in India
Mrs. Manju Bharatraj, a professional Audiologist, is a member Trustee . She was a Gold Medal recipient from the Vinayaka Mission University where she Graduated the professional course of Audiology and Speech Therapy.
Can I wait a bit longer to get hearing aids?
It’s tempting to wait, but here are three good reasons not to:
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Professor N.D.Rajan, founder of Hearing Foundation of India, was honoured on 1st January, 2015, at the 47rd Annul Convention of Indian Speech...
Prof. N.D.Rajan presenting Prof. R.K.OZA ORATION to the gathering of professionals of Speech and Hearing from all over India and other countries...