What we do
Hearing Foundation of India( HFI ) has plans to help people with hearing impairment. This website is designed to provide information to the public at large and few aspects will be for professional group also.
HFI is working on the following
Creating awareness among the people on:
Hearing and Balance Disorders
Hearing Assessment
Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implant
Quackery in service delivery
Providing information on:
Website links for updating information
Facilities provided by Governments for the people with Hearing Impairment in India.
National and International events related to Hearing and Balance Disorders
To encourage applied research among the professionals in Indian context.
To suggest Government and Private Agencies on various aspects related to Hearing Impairment
To Provide partial financial support to purchase Hearing Aids ( under conditions )
To Provide online consultancy services.

Can I wait a bit longer to get hearing aids?
It’s tempting to wait, but here are three good reasons not to:
SIGNIA ( Formerly Siemens ) launches
New Technology Hearing Aids
Signia Nx, the world’s most advanced hearing aid platform, provides the industry’s first genuine solution to the own voice issue. It delivers ...
Professor N.D.Rajan, founder of Hearing Foundation of India, was honoured on 1st January, 2015, at the 47rd Annul Convention of Indian Speech...
Prof. N.D.Rajan presenting Prof. R.K.OZA ORATION to the gathering of professionals of Speech and Hearing from all over India and other countries...