Selection of Hearing Aids
How to select a suitable Hearing Aid?
Hearing Aid fitting is a Professional and highly skilled work
It is important to know that getting a hearing aid is not like purchasing a T.V.,camera or mobile phone.It has to be fitted to your hearing loss which involves standard procedure and protocol.
Hearing aid is to be fitted by professional people who have the knowledge on human hearing and hearing aid technologies as present day hearing aids are digitalized and featured for correct fitting.
Hearing aid fitting is a professional work like doctors treating people with ailments. Hearing aid needs to be fitted by professional audiologists, who specializes hearing science with a minimum 4years for professional studies and recognized by Rehabilitation Council of India
Steps involved in Hearing Aid fitting
Step 1
Hearing test has to be done using an Audiometer by qualified Audiologists/ENT Surgeon / speech &hearing assistants (Diploma in hearing science ). Hearing assessment has to be done in a sound treated chamber/room.
Hearing test should not be done in an ordinary room. This will lead to wrong fitting for hearing aids.
Step 2
AUDIOLOGIST will choose appropriate hearing aids from different models. This choice depends on your level of hearing loss, your hearing ( working ) requirements and features of hearing aids. Always it is best to try hearings aids of different models.
Step 3
Programming of hearing aid has to be done by professional Audiologist. Hearing aids will be connected to computer. Programming hearing aids depends on level of hearing loss, pattern of hearing and comforts in different working conditions.
Step 4
Once appropriate hearing aid is selected you may opt for appropriate type with same power and configuration. There are different types from small sized BTE (Behind the ear) models to Invisible types like ITE(IN THE EAR), ITC(INT THE CANNAL),CIC(COMPLETELY IN THE CANNAL).Now you can make purchase for your hearing aid depending upon the model and type chosen.
Step 5
Ear mold is an important part for the hearing aid for fine fitting for BTE models. An impression of the ear is to be taken to make a mould which will be for the ear size and shape. Impression taking is a must for invisible model hearing aids. Process for making a mold may take 5 to 7days.
Step 6
Once, new hearing aid is fitted , you have to practice for a minimum of 10 days to get used to the aid. Afterwards you have to visit again for fine tuning of the aid.
Batteries need to be changed after particular period specified by the companies.
Step 7
Audiologist will explain you on the availability of latest accessories which can be used with your hearing aid. Also will explain how to maintain the hearing aid and accessories.
Can I wait a bit longer to get hearing aids?
It’s tempting to wait, but here are three good reasons not to:
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