Know about your hearing
Symptoms of hearing loss
People with hearing loss usually have following complaints / problems
Keeping the volume on your TV or radio high.
Missing doorbell or telephone ringing sounds.
Trouble in following conversations in crowded or noisy settings.
Feeling of people not speaking clearly during conversation.
Speaking loudly of softly.
Asking people to repeat themselves.
Difficulty in understanding the words of popular songs when listening to the radio.
Types of hearing loss
Conductive hearing loss
This type of hearing loss results from diseases or disorders that limit the transmission of sound through the outer or middle ear. This hearing loss can usually be treated medically or surgically. In some cases,a hearing instrument is also indicated and can provide sufficient hearing improvement.
Sensorineural hearing loss
This type of hearing loss affects the inner ear or neural pathways. This type of loss usually occurs due to damages to the hair cells or to the fine nerve endings inside the cochlea. This leads to reduced perception of sound intensity and quality. This type of hearing loss is usually compensated with a hearing instrument that amplifies sound to overcome the decrease in hearing sensitivity.
Mixed hearing loss
This type is the combination of both type of losses mentioned above. Treatment optionsfor this type of impairment include both medical intervention and hearing instruments.
Causes for hearing loss
Some causes of hearing loss in adults are given below
Ear discharge.
Middle ear problems.
Increased pressure of the Inner ear fluid.
Ototoxic drugs.
Injury to the ear or head.
Presbycusis- Hearing loss due to aging.